Information which can facilitate your arrival on our Islands.

On your arrival to the Islands, please communicate with us at the following numbers: (418) 986-5777 or (418) 986-4605. You can also meet us directly at the reception desk of the Chalets et Maisonnettes la Martinique, at 552 chemin la Martinique (road 199), so that we can welcome you. We will give you the possibility of paying the balance of the amount of your reservation by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or benefitting from a reduction of 3% if you pay cash or by certified check. You can also save 2% by paying by debit card. The checks are to be made to the name of Chalets et Maisonnettes la Martinique Inc.

For details concerning the reservation of the ferry, you can communicate with C.T.M.A at 1(888) 986-3278. If you have question about the activities available on the Islands, do not hesitate to communicate with the tourist information office at 1(418) 986-2245. You may also ask the tourist information office to send you a free tourist information booklet by mail or obtain it upon arrival on the Islands.

By thanking you in advance for your.


Regulation of the Chalets et Maisonnettes la Martinique


  • Arrival and departure


The arrival is made at around 3 p.m. and the departure must be completed by 11 a.m. It will be a pleasure to accommodate you if your cottage is ready in advance. Please communicate with us at the time of your arrival on the Islands.


  • Pets


Dogs are accepted at the Chalets. You will have to pay a fee in relation with the weight of the dog (see policies concerning dogs at the following page). All dogs must be walked with a leash. If you leave your dog in the cottage during your absence, you must put it in a cage. The dogs are not allowed to climb on the sofa or beds. It must not bother the neighbors by its behavior or frequent barking and you must collect its stools. Finally, you are responsible for any damage caused by your dog including, including dirtiness. See also policy concerning pets.



  • Waste


It is prohibited to leave waste or garbage bags on the balcony of the cottage. You must dispose of waste as you will be told upon your arrival (an explanatory sheet will be provided).


  • Recreational fires


The local by-law stipulates that you have the right to make a small fire in a tank reserved for this usage (provided in front of each cottage). You must leave the tank where it stands and use firewood only (on sale at the reception).



  • Smoking


According to governmental law, it is strictly prohibited to smoke cigarettes, cigars, cannabis or any other type of tobacco in the cottage. A minimal fine of 200$, taken on your credit card, is to be expected in case of nonconformity. If your smoke outside de cottage, you must gather all your cigarette ends.


  • Cleanliness and respect of the property


The customer will have to pay for any damaged, broken or missing objects after his departure, as well as for the amount of housecleaning overtime necessary if there is, at the end of the stay, a significant insalubrity.



  • Parking


You must park your vehicle in the parking space located directly in front of the cottage. It is prohibited to park on the grass.


  • Quietness


We ask you to respect at any time your neighbors (who wish to spend a pleasant vacation) and to limit your external activities and prevent from making noise after 11 p.m.


  • Commodities


To help you, 3 rolls of toilet paper, 1 roll of paper towels, a set of salt and pepper as well as coffee filters will be available in the cottage. You will have to buy those commodities by yourselves for the rest of your stay.



  • Towels and bed commodities


The set of bathroom towels and bed sheets present in your cottage is adapted with the number of people in the cottage, so it should respond to all your needs for seven (7) days.

See also the Policies of annulation